Is YOUR Canadian-based Not-for-profit One Cybersecurity Attack Away From Closing Your Doors Forever?

Our statistics show that over 95% of Canadian-based Not-for-profit Organizations are at a HIGH RISK of compromise and do not have the tools or training to prevent or deal with a cybersecurity attack.

Why not give yourself peace of mind by knowing your security posture? We can quickly and conveniently help you to assess the risk in your organization, and show you practical and affordable ways to protect your business.

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3 Reasons To Choose I.T. Ideas Inc

Cybersecurity Prevention

We partner with only top-ranked security vendors to provide you with nation-state-level security products and services at an affordable price. We engage a 3rd party security organization that provides continuous oversight and trains and certifies our staff and technicians. We are continuously researching security products and services, and all of the latest security vulnerabilities to that you don't have to!

Expertise & Experience

We have over 24 years of experience advising and providing support for some of the largest granting organizations in BC. We understand cybersecurity and can communicate security risks in a way that is easy to understand. Our clients trust us to monitor and protect their environments proactively 24x7x365!


The most cost-effective way to deal with cybersecurity threats and cyber-terrorism is to be proactive. We are a "security-first" focused partner who can guide you through the cybersecurity minefield and help you to ensure that you can continue to deliver your programs without interruption.

We chose I.T. Ideas Inc to guide us through a complete upgrade of our IT systems with a recognition of the importance of cybersecurity and with an eye to our limited budget.

The knowledgeable team there are efficient, responsive and provide exemplary service. Our not-for-profit company is pleased to have them in our corner looking after our IT needs and providing us with expert services to keep our online transactions safe and our data protected.

– Peter Cathie White, Executive Director, Arts Club Theatre Company

I.T. Ideas provides bench strength, niche expertise, and the ability to strategically scale up when needed.

A trusted partner that understands our business. Their guidance and commitment to service ensure that Vancouver Foundation remains nimble, stable and secure. As IT departments are continuously asked to do more with less, Vancouver Foundation relies on the extended pool of talent at I.T. Ideas to deliver strategically for the organization. From solid and secure systems, our operations have succeeded because of this premier technology partner.

- Charles Boname, IT Director, Vancouver Foundation

The I.T. Ideas team brings a depth of knowledge and professional expertise in providing us with ongoing network infrastructure provisioning and management, our security framework and current remote work solutions.

I.T. Ideas has been supporting the B.C. Wildlife Federation with all our systems needs since 2017. When we had to pivot to work from home in spring of 2020, they were right there with us, supporting new arrangements, understanding our changing needs and challenges, and consistently providing a high level of service along with solutions that meet these needs. We highly recommend I.T. Ideas as a full-service Managed Services Provider.

- Sue Prasloski CGA, CPA - Director of Finance & Operations, BC Wildlife Federation

I.T. Ideas has planned, managed, and executed numerous complex hardware migrations for us with supreme consideration for staff experience and downtime since switching to them in 2017.

We switched to I.T. Ideas as our technical service provider in 2017 and have never looked back. They give us top dollar support with non-profit budgets in mind, handling all aspects from equipment purchases to onboarding of users. We could not have pivoted to working from home without their relentless support and assistance, keeping us proactively ahead of technical obscurity as well as the bad guy. We can't say enough about Steve and his amazing staff, past and present.

- Lorrie Parent, Manager of Systems and Data, BC Wildlife Federation

About I.T. Ideas Inc.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

Supportive & Respectful

Commitment to Excellence

Always Accountable

Innovative & Open To Possibilities


To become the leading IT Service provider and chosen authority in Canada at helping and empowering not-for-profits, charities and academic organizations who wish to security harden their organizations, to greatly reduce or eliminate legal, financial and reputation risks by safeguarding their data (credit card and personally identifiable information) and keeping customer information safe from cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorism. This "security-first" focus is the basis on which organizations can then implement information technology best practices, processes, and solutions in order to grow sustainably, and to deliver programs more efficiently. The outcome will be to create extraordinarily positive and meaningful impacts within our communities.


To create awareness, educate, and implement tools, processes, policies and procedures that effectively protect not-for-profit organizations from cyber-criminals and preventable attacks and infiltrations.

To use a combination of energy, experience, strategic collaboration, expertise, tools and technology to provide customized technology solutions that are "tailored to fit" not-for-profits, charities, and academic organizations, and leverage economies of scale to ensure that these solutions are cost-effective.


During the COVID pandemic of 2020, most organizations were forced to re-invent the way that they deliver services, and most had to adopt work-from-home as a new norm. Unfortunately, for most organizations, this meant an extremely rushed pivot of technology to accommodate. Most now utilize Virtual Private Networks and Remote Desktop Services and a variety of file sharing and collaboration platforms and tools to grant remote access to their assets. Unknowingly, they have now greatly elevated their security risk and exposure to threat actors. They are also losing control over their electronic assets. Due to budget constraints many organizations have permitted the use of home PCs and personal devices for remotely accessing their files and networks, turning a blind eye to information leaks, data sprawl, and worse - the elevated risks of allowing access to their organizations from devices and sources that are not properly protected and completely out of their control.

Through our mission, we want to empower organizations to reduce their risks, control costs, become aware of the opportunities that technology has to offer, proactively plan and prevent costly mistakes, and ultimately leverage technology to implement programs more efficiently. This in turn will have a massive positive impact on our society and on our communities who so desperately need the help and support.

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